Healthy Schools Day in Canada aims to raise awareness of and encourage action to prevent environmental health risks to children in early learning environments and schools.

The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE) is pleased to take on the leadership of Healthy Schools Day in Canada — a project launched by Canadians for A Safe Learning Environment (CASLE), which has closed its doors. CPCHE is a founding and long-standing partner of Healthy Schools Day in Canada.

In keeping with CPCHE’s vision of protecting children’s environmental health, we have expanded the scope of Healthy Schools Day to include child care and early learning settings. Additionally, CPCHE has established a thematic focus for each annual event to encourage policy action.

For decades, CPCHE has worked in partnership to translate knowledge about the harmful effects of toxic chemical and pollutant exposure during the vulnerable stages of child development and to share it with parents, practitioners and policy makers to support protective action.

In leading Healthy Schools Day, CPCHE draws upon the successful outreach and advocacy strategies we’ve collectively built through several key initiatives and in producing many important resources, such as Advancing Environmental Health in Child Care Settings: A Checklist for Child Care Practitioners and Public Health Inspectors, among many others.

CPCHE’s vision for Healthy Schools Day is one of collaboration. If you have ideas to share and/or would like to get involved, please contact us.