Check out the links below for project ideas, action toolkits and other resources to support your climate actions.

5- Travel LOW-CARBON

Biking, walking, car-sharing or taking public transit to school…
• Reduces vehicle emissions
• Improves air quality around the school
• Helps keep us active, healthy, and connected with our neighbourhood

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) and the Canadian Health Association for Sustainability & Equity (CHASE) | Active Travel Factsheet | Summarizes the health and climate benefits of investing in active travel.

Ontario Active School Travel | Walk & Wheel to School Events | Promote walking and wheeling by participating in these seasonal events celebrated by schools across Ontario every year (English)

Ontario Active School Travel | Steps to Success | The Five E’s : Education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, evaluation (English)

Ontario Active School Travel | Lesson Plans (Ontario curriculum, English only)

Shake Up The Establishment | About Low-Emission Transportation

4- Think about the FOODS you eat

Reducing food waste, avoiding disposable packaging, and eating more plant-based and locally-grown foods…
• Can mean fewer greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production
• Reduces use of plastics, which are made from fossil fuels
• Reduces methane emissions from landfills and conserves resources

Équiterre | Schools Take Root project helps schools fundraise by selling local organic vegetables

CEC | Food Matters Action Kit

Shake Up The Establishment
About Food Systems And Agriculture
About Waste And Pollution


Conserving energy and supplementing the school’s heat/electricity with solar or other renewables…
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduces air pollution from burning fossil fuels
• Can improve indoor air quality

Green Communities | We Grow Sustainable Communities

Shake Up The Establishment
Now is the Time For Renewable Energy
Information on Energy

2- PLANT IT for the PLANET

Planting trees and other vegetation in school yards and play spaces…
• Can help absorb carbon and other pollutants from the air
• Provides shade, protects against sunburn and heat stress, and reduces flood risk
• Helps keep kids (and grown-ups) connected with nature

For Our Kids | Replanting One Tree at a Time

The Sustainability and Education Policy Network | Building Climate-Ready Schools in Canada

Depave Paradise | Bringing Streets to Life


Participating in a climate action event, writing to elected officials, urging your school to take climate action, or just talking about climate change with your friends…
• Shows you care about a healthy and sustainable future
• Builds leadership skills
• Can make a big difference

Fridays For Future | Your Responsibility to the World
Make It Better | Be Part of the Action

Shake Up The Establishment
General Information
Active Learning Club
How to Contact your Political Representatives
What to Expect from Political Representatives

For Our Kids | Take Individual Action

Équiterre | The Climate Challenge

Other Resources:

First Nations Caring Society | Shannen’s Dream

The Sustainability and Education Policy Network | Ten Canadian Schools’ Stories of Climate Action

For Our Kids | Fighting for a better world for our kids and grandkids